Sesame Green Beans and Sushi 8.9.2009

Corwin and I got together with some friends to make sushi, and I thought I’d try out a new greenbean dish as a side. It was great! I only made a few changes to the recipe–check out the notes. Also, although I wasn’t around for the preparation of the sushi ingredients (i.e. the sticky rice), I thought I’d pass on what I learned about sushi-rolling. Note, I’m only including instructions for the rolls with seaweed on the outside, since I didn’t make any with rice on the outside.


from Jimmy and Cinnamon
  1. Cover a sushi-rolling mat with plastic wrap.
  2. Place a piece of dried seaweed on the sushi-rolling mat (make sure your hands are dry before touching the seaweed).
  3. Wet your fingers with water.
  4. Place a small chunk of sticky rice in the middle of the seaweed and, keeping fingers wet, spread the rice outward to the edges of the seaweed.
  5. In a strip centered on the rice and parallel to the uncovered seaweed, place long strips of whatever you’d like to include in the roll (i.e. salmon, tuna, crab, tilapia, avocado, cucumber, mango, sauces and seasonings). When choosing how much filling to add, keep in mind you’ll have to roll the rice-covered seaweed around this.
  6. Use your rolling mat to roll toward he strip of bare seaweed from the opposite side. Stop when you’ve almost reached the strip.
  7. Gently tuck the mat around the roll and slightly under, applying firm, even pressure to make sure the roll is solid and even.
  8. Wet the strip of bare seaweed, then finish rolling so the wetted strip seals to the seaweed on the outside of the roll.
  9. Give the sealed seaweed edge a chance to dry before slicing the roll.

Sesame Green Beans

See original recipe on


  • I used 2 T of sesame seeds because I didn’t think 1 T looked like enough.
  • I didn’t have sesame oil, so I toasted the sesame seeds in the canola oil for a little bit before adding the green beans.
  • We added a little sriracha sauce over the greenbeans (like a garnish) to give them a little kick. Taste a green bean with it before adding it and, if you do, don’t add very much and don’t mix it in. It looks good as a garnish. :)
  • We actually had these cold (or rather, room temperature) since the sushi was cold, too. I’m sure they’d be good hot, but they were great cold!

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