Beer Batter Tilapia, Fried Pickles, and Cheese Sticks 8.12.2009

I had some Guinness leftover from the chocolate stout cake, so I thought I’d give beer-battered fish a try. And while I was at it, I fried some colby jack cheese and some pickle slices. The final products were delicious, but the process of cooking was a bit more complicated than expected, as the high temperatures resulted in massive amounts of smoke in my apartment and the melting of two of my spatulas. If I try this again, I’ll definitely need metal utensils and a different pan.

Beer Batter Tilapia, Fried Pickles, and Cheese Sticks

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  • I fried tilapia instead of cod. It went wonderfully with this recipe!
  • I didn’t have pastry flour, but I did have some cake flour on hand, so I used that.
  • I added a little extra beer to the batter.
  • I didn’t have a deep fryer, but a deep pan with a thick layer of oil in the bottom works well. I suggest cooking this in a pan that you can use metal utensils with, as even melamine utensils started to melt in the hot oil.
  • I fried several fish fillets, several sticks of cheese, and a few pickles, and I didn’t even use a quarter of the batter. If you can successfully scale down the quantities of the ingredients, you aren’t likely to need nearly as much batter as this recipe makes.

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