Mini Chicken Pot Pies 8.21.2009

Knowing how much I love food, Corwin picked up a food-themed book for me in a hostel book exchange this summer. The book, Never Eat Your Heart Out, by Judith Moore, is the writer’s autobiography written in relation to memories of food throughout her life. After reading the first chapter, I was suddenly in the mood to make a pot pie (amazing since I’ve never felt the desire to make one before and I always pictured pot pies as bland food). So I decided to take a slightly easier and quicker route in making pot pie (although, it ended up being neither easy nor quick, mostly because I’d never made it before). Nonetheless, it was delicious, and disproved my assumption that pot pies are bland. And Corwin, who had never particularly liked pot pies before, loved it, too!

Mini Chicken Pot Pies

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  • I made “mini” pot pies by cooking the filling in a pan and the pastry tops in the oven, then filling ramekins with filling and placing a pastry on top. I steered clear of placing the ramekins in the oven to prevent scalding ourselves trying to dish the food out. This form also works very well for leftovers, as the bread doesn’t get soggy since you can store it separately in the refrigerator.
  • I followed other users’ advice and cooked the chicken in broth instead of water–rather, I added a couple chicken bouillon cubes to the cooking water.
  • For lack of celery or celery seed, I added some celery salt instead.
  • I added a can of sliced potatoes to the mixture.
  • For the pastry topping, I took a couple cans of Pillsbury refrigerated roll-out pastry dough, cut each in fourths, and folded the corners of each of the eight dough rectangles inward to create ramekin-sized “pie” toppers, then baked them according to the cans’ instructions. Twice as many tops as servings of filling is a good proportion.

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