Chocolate Raspberry Cookies 9.23.2009

A friend made these a while back, and I loved them! So I thought I’d give them a try. More specifically, I thought I’d give them a try two months ago, and then I actually made them this week. :)

Chocolate Raspberry Cookies

See original recipe from Veganomicon


  • I don’t really have much to note here. I did exactly what the recipe said and they were great! The recipe was really easy, and a double batch fit on two cookie sheets. That’s it. Amazing.
  • If anything, I’d say believe the recipe when it says you’ll need to do some kneading at the end. I never actually reached the point of having one giant mass of dough. It was more like lots of tiny bits of dough that I had to stick/roll/knead together into walnut-sized balls of dough to shape into cookies.

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