Corn Pancakes and Fig Date Muffins 12.8.2009

I found a muffin recipe that sounded delicious and healthy, so I thought I’d try it for our holiday potluck at work since I normally bring unhealthy dishes. Either I’m not a fan of this recipe, or I went wrong with one of the alterations I made to the recipe out of necessity. Either way, the muffins tasted like what many people think of as “healthy” muffins. Not so great. There were almost as many left at the end of the potluck as I had brought at the beginning.

The corn pancakes I made for dinner, mostly because I didn’t realize I was reading the pancake recipe and not the muffin recipe on the Jiffy box until halfway through making the batter. They were pretty good, although I tend to like my muffins sweet and my pancakes less sweet, so I think I would have liked them as muffins better. All around, this was not my best day for cooking.

Fig Date Muffins

Watch original recipe from The Food Network


  • I didn’t have bran flakes, so I used oatmeal instead.
  • After realizing I had ground bran, I replaced 1 C of the flour with ground bran.
  • I didn’t have enough dried figs, so I chopped a few dried dates to supplement. This might have been a bad idea, since figs and dates don’t exactly taste like each other.

Corn Pancakes

from the Jiffy corn muffin mix box


  • If you like fluffy pancakes, I would suggest using less milk than the recipe calls for, as my pancakes were very runny and thin.
  • You might also want to mix a little flour into the batter to thicken it up.

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