Uncle Billy’s Brewery 3.14.2010

Last Sunday, I just barely caught the tail end of the Austin kite festival. On my way, I was sidetracked when a couple friends leaving the kite festival decided to meet up for drinks and BBQ at Uncle Billy’s Brewery nearby. So I took a detour. We sat on the deck, listened to a live band, ate BBQ, and drank the brewery’s beer. I liked the casual and open atmosphere of the outdoor seating, and that it was dog friendly.

Of the food, the pulled pork, creamed corn, and macaroni and cheese were my favorites. The jalapeño sausage and brisket were also pretty good. I liked their BBQ sauce, but I have to say I’m pretty partial to Rudy’s. A warning, though: If you see a red bottle with a pirate sticker on it, that’s the spicy BBQ sauce, and it has a VERY spicy aftertaste. It didn’t seem so bad on the two bites I took with it, but it took quite a bit longer to get rid of the burning aftertaste in my mouth.

We tried the house brewed Agave Wit and Hill Country Organic Amber beers. I usually like wheat beers, so I enjoyed the wit. The amber was good, too, but a little hoppy for me, especially outside on a sunny day.


One thought on “Uncle Billy’s Brewery 3.14.2010

  1. Totally agree with you about Uncle Billy’s. There’s better BBQ around Austin, but the place is really about atmosphere. And the food’s really not bad. The music is usually good, interesting, or both. :-)

    I’ve only been there once — last summer, I think it was. I enjoyed sitting outside with friends, downing a beer and listening to the band… which bore a striking resemblance to the photo you posted. They looked quite country, but their sound had an edge to it.

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