The Food Goob has moved to DC!

It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to post anything new, so I thought an update was in order. I’ve moved to Washington, D.C.! And that means I have a whole new territory of food finds to explore: DC and the entire East Coast! However, this isn’t the end of my food exploration in Austin–I’d still like to explore new places on future visits to Austin. In the meantime, I thought I’d share a few bits about the drive to DC.

Road Trip to DC 6.12.2010 to 6.14.2010

We took a route through Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Maryland to get to DC so that we’d drive through a few states we hadn’t visited, yet. Unfortunately, I don’t have any food stories to tell from this trip because the amount of driving we packed into each day and the need to keep an eye on a packed car made fast food the most appealing option for every meal. However, I do plan to make food tourism an integral part of future road trips!

We started the trip by driving through Dallas to visit family.

The drive through Arkansas was pretty uneventful (so much so that I only took ten photos of it), which shocked Corwin since he’s had horrible traffic experiences every time he’s driven through the state.

We then passed through Tennessee, which both of us have visited but which I had never actually driven through. I liked the view on entering the state! First, the welcome sign was on an awesome bridge with the city in the background…

…and then just as we crossed the bridge, a giant pyramid rose on the left!

In Tennessee, we started to see rocky cliff faces along the road, which I thought looked pretty cool.

Kentucky was beautiful! It might have been my favorite state on this trip, and I told Corwin repeatedly that I wanted to come back sometime for a longer visit.

Unfortunately, a storm followed us through most of Kentucky, so the majority of that drive was pretty rainy. Thank goodness we had just reapplied Rain-X on the car!

We escaped the storm just before we entered West Virginia. This was fortunate, because we took a slight detour soon after and crossed a bridge into Ohio so that we could say we’ve been to Ohio. We took a rest stop in the parking lot of an electronics store that, based on the teal and mauve colors on the building, looked like it was designed in the ’80s. Not too exciting, so I’d like to return to Ohio sometime.

West Virginia was also beautiful! I’ve heard it has a lot of forests and preserves that are great for hiking and camping, so I’d like to come back for that at some point.

The last stretch of our drive crossed through Maryland. Shortly before reaching Hancock, MD on I68, we came across Sideling Hill, where a 340-foot deep notch was cut in the hill to allow the interstate to pass through. This might have been the most impressive sight of the entire trip!

Overall, the drive went pretty smoothly, and I loved seeing so many new places! I’m looking forward to future road trips from DC!


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