Banana Muffins 6.30.2010

We had some bananas that had gotten a bit overripe and, having recently made pancakes, I didn’t think my usual solution of making banana pancakes seemed appropriate this time. So I found a recipe for banana bread and, not having a bread loaf pan, made banana muffins instead. One recipe online caught my eye because of the background story of begging someone for the recipe for years before getting it, so I thought it looked like a winner. Turns out I was right! Everyone who tried them loved them!

Banana Muffins

see original recipe from


  • I used the maximum quantity of bananas this recipe called for.
  • I doubled the vanilla, as I usually do when baking.
  • Since the recipe was for a loaf of bread (not muffins), it called for 60 min of baking. Having converted the recipe to muffins, I baked them for about 20-25 min, although some ovens might require less time (mine doesn’t always heat up enough).

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