Vermont Maple Syrup 6.15.2010

Knowing my love for food, Corwin picked up an excellent souvenir for me on a recent road trip.

He brought back Vermont maple syrup straight from the farm! Literally. He actually purchased it from a farmer who posted a maple syrup sign by the side of the road. We gave it a try with breakfast for dinner one night, and it was excellent! I know what will be on my to-do list when I visit Vermont! This particular syrup was from the Whetstone Valley Farm (60 Cooke Rd, W Brattleboro, VT 05301), but I’d guess most farms selling their own maple syrup would be pretty good.


One thought on “Vermont Maple Syrup 6.15.2010

  1. Thanks for the nice mention of Vermont maple syrup! Over 2000 maple syrup farmers make syrup in Vermont each spring and visiting a sugarhouse to see syrup made is a great thing to do! Plus you can purchase syrup and other maple products direct from the source. Visit for photos of syrup being produced, information about how it’s made and nutritional benefits–plus recipes!

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