Beaches, Airplanes, and the Outer Banks Brewing Station 7.5.2010 to 7.6.2010

After the 4th of July weekend, we used the holidays to take a trip to the Outer Banks in North Carolina. This was my first East-Coast road trip from DC!

Site of the First Powered Flight

On our way into town, we visited the site of the Wright brothers’ first successful flight. It turned out we were just in time for a history of the Wright brothers given by a very enthusiastic park ranger. Fascinating!

Sand, Sea, Sun, and… Pebbles?

The beach was beautiful! For the first time, I actually saw grassy sand dunes and picket fences half-covered in sand in person! What I found unique was that instead of seeing seashells washed up onto the sand, we saw pebbles!

What few seashells there were were mostly broken and worn, and some of the pebbles had textures and designs that looked suspiciously like seashells, so my theory is that the pebbles are a mixture of sea glass and extremely worn seashell fragments.

Outer Banks Brewing Station

Yelp reviews indicated that the Outer Banks Brewing Station had excellent beer and decent food, which turned out to be pretty accurate. The food is creative and beautifully presented (and a little pricey for what you get), and the atmosphere of the restaurant is unique and comfortable. The restaurant is actually housed in what looks like an old church.

We liked the simpler foods like fried shrimp best, despite reviews of bland fried seafood on Yelp. As for the beer, if you generally like wheat beers with a bit of citrus in them and you’re looking for something refreshing, I’d recommend the Lemongrass Wheat Ale. If you like darker beers, Corwin enjoyed the Junk Shot Porter. Altogether, it was an enjoyable dinner.

Cape Hatteras

Before heading back to DC, we drove to Cape Hatteras to see a couple lighthouses. Unfortunately, the Bodie Island lighthouse was under construction, but the Cape Hatteras lighthouse was beautiful!

It’s the tallest brick lighthouse in the US, and we climbed to the top of it!

From the top, we had a beautiful view of the corner of the Outer Banks. Definitely worth the drive!


One thought on “Beaches, Airplanes, and the Outer Banks Brewing Station 7.5.2010 to 7.6.2010

  1. not only is it the tallest brick lighthouse in the US, it’s the tallest period. Had to wikipedia it to learn that.

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