DC Brunch Spot and Dessert Spot: Cacao

Last month I discovered LivingSocial’s instant deals (or whatever they call them) and decided to give them a try. I tried a deal for Cacao, a bakery in Cleveland Park.

They had tons of fancy desserts that I’d normally not be willing to spend the money on, but with the coupon they were a more reasonable price. I can’t say they were the best desserts I’ve ever had (prettier than they are tasty, and very rich), but they piqued my foodie curiosity!

What I really loved were the macarons.

Again, they’re kind of pricey, but the coupon made them more worthwhile. And they were DELICIOUS! My personal favorites: orange (by far), raspberry, and pistachio.

I went back with some friends for brunch a few weeks later and found that the instant deal was still available, so it made for a pretty cheap brunch (about $7 for an egg croissant with salmon, OJ, and one sugar brioche roll). And it was delicious. And while there isn’t much outdoor seating, if you manage to get a table out front on a nice day, it’s fantastic. All around, I’d go back for brunch, and I’d go back with another coupon for macarons. :)


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