When a Brownie Meets a Chocolate Chip Cookie…

I’ve had some semisweet chocolate chips that I’ve been wanting to use up, so when our friends decided to have a grillout, that seemed like the perfect opportunity to bake. I tried out a chewy chocolate chocolate chip cookie recipe that turned out to be essentially brownies in cookie form, they’re so moist and chewy and thick.

All six of us agreed that these cookies were addictive. A week later they were less moist and less chewy, but if I hadn’t known what they were like on the first day I would have thought they were a good chewy cookie. This recipe definitely has potential for mailing holiday cookies.

Soft Chocolate Cookies

See original recipe from allrecipes.com


  • Add semisweet chocolate chips (I recommend Nestle). They counteract the sweetness of the cookie to make it rich without being too sweet.
  • Don’t worry about refrigerating the dough and rolling it into balls for the cookies. I didn’t refridgerate the dough and I used a spoon to scoop out roundish chunks of dough to place on the cookie sheet. They’ll shape into a normal cookie shape in the oven and come out with that deliciously appetizing homemade irregularity. And don’t flatten the dough on the cookie sheet, as that will reduce the thickness in the middle of the cookie that helps give it the brownie-like consistency in the center.
  • After reading some of the reviews, I pulled my cookies out at 8 minutes even though the recipe said 8-10 minutes. I was a little nervous since the cookies didn’t seem very firm under the surface at all, but they were perfect once they cooled.

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