DC Brunch Spot: Marvin + DC Biergarten: Standard

A friend of mine had her birthday brunch at Marvin last weekend. I’d been there for drinks (they have an awesome rooftop patio bar, by the way, which thanks to some very strong heaters over the bar is still very nice even during winter), but never for food. As it turns out, their food is delicious, and they have a great indoor atmosphere, as well.

I tried the Country Fried Chicken and Waffles, as I’ve heard of similar combinations before but had still never tried it. It was delicious.

As weird as it sounds to combine syrup, fried chicken, a waffle, and collard greens, it was delicious. And they did a great job of frying the chicken, as it was neither too crisp nor too greasy. Perfect. My only complaint was that our server seemed to keep forgetting that our table existed and wasn’t overly agreeable in answering questions. But that could very well have been an isolated occurrence, so other than that, it was an excellent brunch experience.

Afterward we walked to Standard to have a drink in their biergarten. My friend mentioned that the place used to be a plant nursery, and you could just barely make out a shadow of the words, “garden district,” on the wall where the sign used to be. With their green picnic tables and red painted brick walls and iron fence letting you people-watch, it was a very relaxing and upbeat atmosphere. And the beer was delicious. I tried the black lager, which was delicious and, unlike most beers that dark, not too hoppy for me.


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