Where Everybody Knows Your Name… (a.k.a. Food Tourism: Boston)

So I’ve been intending to write a post about this since summer, but it just hasn’t happened. Until now. Over the Fourth of July weekend we drove to visit a friend in Boston, then drove from there to visit Acadia National Park in Maine. Both were fantastic. I’ll write more about Maine later, but first I’ll share my two favorite food experiences from Boston.

We only spent about a day in Boston, but we started off with a delicious brunch of bagel sandwiches and waffles at Mariposa Bakery. They only have a couple of outdoor tables, but if you manage to catch one they’re great for people-watching. :)

The most exciting food experience by far was encountering Wachusett Blueberry beer. It tastes like you’re drinking a beer but also eating blueberries. It’s not really sweet, just refreshing. Yum. The first time I had it at The Joshua Tree, where they floated a few blueberries in the top, which I thought was an awesome touch. I tried to take a picture of it but unfortunately the lighting was too low for my camera.

I ordered it for a second time when we visited the Cheers bar (I had no idea the bar that Cheers was based on is located in Boston until we overheard someone asking where to find it).

This time around it was a much more expensive beer (with no blueberries floating on the top this time!) in a much more touristy atmosphere, but we can now say we’ve had a drink “where everybody knows your name.”


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