Food Tourism: Lobster Rolls and Acadia National Park in Maine

In the same trip over the fourth of July weekend, we drove from Boston on to Maine, where we visited Acadia National Park. I think this might be my favorite national park yet. We spent hours climbing on the rocks along the gorgeous coastline.

While in Maine, we tried lobster rolls twice: once on the way into Maine, and once the next day on the way out. They were delicious both days, although slightly different each time. What did not change, however, is how ridiculously expensive lobster is. At every place we looked up, it usually cost around $15-17 for a bit of lobster and garnish on a hot dog bun with some potato chips or fries. Crazy.

We had lobster rolls for the first time in Portland, ME at Portland Lobster Co.

These lobster rolls were pretty basic, with lobster and lettuce in a toasted bun and a lemon squeezed over the top. The flavors were subtle since there weren’t really toppings to bring out the flavor of the lobster, but the lemon over the lobster made it pretty refreshing. It wasn’t quite the mouth-watering experience I’d expected from hearing everyone talk about lobster rolls on the East Coast, but it was good.

The place had an awesome view and live music, so needless to say it was packed.

We had our second lobster rolls on the trip at the Lobster Shack in Ogunquit, ME. In a town full of very touristy restaurants and shops, this place was family-owned and had a very local and non-touristy feel to it, which was nice. Of course, I’m sure the majority of their business is from tourists (and I know I’m a tourist), but it’s nice to feel like you’re going somewhere a little more authentic and local. :)

These lobster rolls were delicious! They had a little bit of mayo mixed with the lobster, which really brought out the lobster’s flavor. Mmmm…

Oh, and I learned that hot dog buns in this region look like a slice of bread folded and toasted until you notice that it’s actually more like the top half of a really thick slice of bread with a slit cut in the top. Interesting.


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