(Very Belated) DC Holiday Event: Festival of Lights

So I was going to post this final holiday event during the holidays, but we actually didn’t have a chance to check it out until one of the last days in December, and then I’ve only just now gotten around to uploading the photos from it. So to anyone interested in checking it out, there’s always next year! The lights are usually on display from early December until January 1, so set a reminder for next year if you want to check it out.

For a year and a half now I’ve noticed the castle-like spires of the DC Mormon Temple poking out above the trees as I drive west on the Beltway. It’s a very interesting-looking building. So I was very excited when I heard that they host a festival of lights that’s open to the public every year. This was my chance to see the building in person!

It’s an interesting building. It kind of makes me think of an angular, futuristic version of the Disney castle. We saw that they also host musical performances every evening during the light displays, but since we mostly just wanted to see the building and the lights up close, we left after taking a few pictures and didn’t stay for the music.

Overall, my verdict on this event was that it was fun to see so many lights on the trees and to see such an interesting building in person, but I’m not sure it would be worth the drive from DC to visit it more than once. I’d much rather revisit Zoolights or the National Botanic Garden’s holiday display. My recommendation is to visit this event next year if you live nearby or if you haven’t seen it before, and if you do visit, consider making it part of an evening of driving around the nearby neighborhoods looking for houses with pretty Christmas lights, as the visit won’t take long and hunting for Christmas lights nearby will make the drive much more enjoyable. :)


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