Food Tourism: Mill Street Brewery in Toronto

When we visited Toronto a few weeks ago, we made a point of visiting the Distillery District for a little bit of exploring and food tourism. Corwin had visited previously and enjoyed some delicious beer at the Mill St Brewery, so we set out with the plan of ending up there for dinner.

At the start of our exploration, we saw some awesome monster-like metal sculptures that looked like something out of sci-fi books and movies.

Continuing on, we enjoyed some live music from the tail end of the Toronto Jazz Festival.

And we enjoyed the interesting and beautiful architecture, both old and new, in the area.

We took a slight detour for a lemon poppyseed cookie when we ran across the Brick Street Bakery, after which we explored a little more and then stopped for dinner at Mill St Brewery.

I liked that they incorporated the brewery into their decor inside, making it a focal point in the bar area and visible from the restaurant area.

I loved their creative use of Mill St bottle caps to cover one wall (I love when people use interesting patterns and textures in decor). It was so artistic and very appropriate for a brewery!

And of course, I loved that their chalkboard-written seasonal beer list was another focal point of the bar area. Not only does it look great, but it shows off one of my favorite things about this brewery–that they came up with some really unique beer flavors that work surprisingly well.

We each got a beer flight with our meals, and mine of course included the Ginger Ale and the Lemon Tea Ale. I also tried the Blueberry Wheat Beer and the Cobblestone Stout. All were wonderfully delicious and refreshing, although by far my favorite was the Lemon Tea Ale. I had expected the blueberry beer to be my favorite, but I think the Wachusett Blueberry Beer that we tried last summer in Boston is still my favorite blueberry beer. Yum!

Beyond the beer, I love the menu at Mill St. They took the uniqueness of being a brewery to heart, incorporating their beers into just about every dish on the menu. Corwin tried the open-faced pesto chicken sandwich (essentially a flatbread pizza) that included mushrooms braised in the Mill St Tank House Ale. It was delicious, and if we hadn’t been splitting our meals half-and-half with each other I would have been experiencing some serious food envy.

I ordered the chicken pot pie, which included a gravy made with the Mill St Stock Ale. Yum! This was definitely one of my favorite meals on the trip!


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