Brunch at Chez Zee


I went out to brunch for the first time in a while last month. While the weather was in a perpetual state of almost-rain, it turned out to be a beautiful day for eating on the outdoor patio at Chez Zee.

I’ve always loved the interior atmosphere at Chez Zee (eclectic with a fun mix of Christmas lights and mirrored garlands making it feel magical), and now I can confirm that I love the outdoor atmosphere, too.


My mouth is watering remembering the croissants with strawberry cream cheese that they brought before our meal.


I wanted to try the Creme Brûlée French Toast with rum sauce, but our very helpful server recommended I just try one triangle of it with my meal instead of a full order since I wanted a meal that was part sweet, part salty. Good call! A whole order would have been overkill for me with how sweet and dense it is, but one triangle tasted amazing.


We also tried some Pearmosas (did I mention I hadn’t been to brunch in a while?).


And finally, I had the Smoked Salmon Benedict. A close second to Scion’s, I enjoyed every bite!



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