Hatch Chile Season and Berry Chile Salad

I love hatch chile season in Austin. I love that during hatch chile season, you see hatch chiles in just about everything you can think of in grocery stores, restaurants, and food blogs.

I haven’t made it to Whole Foods or Central Market to check out their selection yet (and might have missed some of the best stuff given that we’re past the peak of hatch chile season now), but HEB has a delicious spread of hatch pepper cheeses year.


Also notable are my usual favorites of hatch pepper cornbread and hatch pepper chicken salad. I’m also enjoying the hatch pepper cheese bread.



I’m especially intrigued by the pepper wines at HEB, which are in keeping with the theme even if they aren’t explicitly hatch pepper wines.


The jalapeño white is good, but I especially like the cabanero so I’m saving a bottle of it for a grilling day this fall. The habanero gives it enough spice to hold its own in the presence of barbecue sauce.

And in the spirit of hatch chile season, I have a recipe!


Berry Chile Salad


  • Fresh mixed salad greens
  • Strawberries
  • Blueberries
  • Raspberries
  • Shredded hatch pepper cheddar cheese
  • Blush wine vinaigrette (I use Brianna’s)

Pile the berries onto your salad greens, then top with the cheese and vinaigrette to your taste.


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