Monster Mash

Happy Post-Halloween! We celebrated this year with a fun dance party at The Highball. This was the first time we’ve visited The Highball since the remodel. It’s now directly attached to the Alamo Drafthouse (I think I recall there being other businesses between before)), and the construction surrounding the two looks like it will be an urban-style shopping and entertainment center.


The remodel looks nice, and still has a classy Old Hollywood and modern interior.



I like that when they repurposed the bowling lanes to make the dance floor, they kept the bowling marks that distinguish their origin.


In addition to their normal drink menu, they had some fun Halloween-themed drinks. We tried the Bloody Kiss and the Pumpkin Punch. I especially liked the Pumpkin Punch, similar to a spiked spiced cider (and as far as I can tell, containing no pumpkin).




And apart from drinks and dancing, they held a costume contest. And our friends’ impressive Groot and Rocket Guardians of the Galaxy costumes made it into the competition! I was impressed with the ingenuity and work that they put into making those costumes (especially Groot).



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