AFBA Holiday Cookie Decorating Party at Make it Sweet


Earlier this month we held our AFBA holiday party at Make it Sweet. After picking up tips and tricks from a cookie making/decorating demo, we got to decorate our own cookies. I’d never have thought of doing this for a party before, but it was awesome! We picked up some great tips, the hard work of making the cookies was already done for us, and we didn’t have to clean up a kitchen at the end. Sounds like my kind of foodie party. :)




Some of my favorite tips:

  • Roll your dough warm (while it’s soft) between sheets of parchment paper so that you don’t have to use so much flour, and then put the dough between parchment paper in the refrigerator before cutting the cookies.
  • Use sticks on either side of the dough under the rolling pin to keep your dough an even thickness (Make it Sweet sells these; I was so impressed by this concept that I bought a set).
  • Use thick icing to outline shapes on your cookies and add details, then fill in with a thinner version of the same icing (flood).
  • Toothpicks + flood icing = amazing patterns and designs. Words can’t do it justice, so check out one of their classes to see more. Here’s one example:


Make It Sweet also has a pretty awesome stock of baking molds, pans, supplies, and the best sprinkle selection I’ve seen in their store. I had fun just browsing and thinking of ideas for future baking projects. I’ll definitely be back.



Thanks, AFBA, Imperial Sugar, and Make it Sweet, for an awesome holiday party!



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