Mozart’s Holiday Light Show


A couple of years ago I stumbled across Mozart’s holiday light show. I thought I was just bringing a friend visiting Austin to a cool coffee shop and it turned out I was also bringing her to one of the fun seasonal events in the city. Since then I’ve been wanting to return to check it out. Although a steady misty rain threatened to change our plans, we made it this year anyway. Yay!


The Drinks

I always love Mozart’s hot chocolate, but I especially loved their selection of holiday hot chocolates!


I tried the After Dinner Mint hot chocolate. It tasted like Andes in a cup. :)


The Show

The light show starts every hour on the hour starting at 6pm. I think they rotate the songs but since there were a couple of years between my visits I can’t say for sure. Either way, they time their lights to an interesting (and somewhat amusing) mix of holiday and non-holiday music. Can’t wait to check it out again next year!






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