Holiday Food!

Someone told me that my pregnancy was timed perfectly because morning sickness ended and my appetite picked up just in time for the holidays, but I still have enough room for my stomach to fit normal-sized meals. I couldn’t agree more.

And I feel pretty fortunate to have had the chance to catch up with so many family members and friends and enjoy so much amazing food in the process. And really, since everyone’s take on holiday food is a little different, there was also no chance of holiday food overkill. Yay!

Just before the holidays we joined some friends for their holiday friends’ get-together, which featured so much amazing food I can’t begin to describe it all. That lamb curry in the corner of the photo? Amazing.   


And this pavlova? It was the second time I’d had pavlova, and I loved it every bit as much as the first I tried. Now I want to make pavlova.

We also met up with friends for a couple more pre-holiday get-togethers that featured an enchilada casserole (so delicious! Unfortunately I forgot to photograph it) and quiche at La Madeleine.

Then we kicked off the family get-togethers with my parents with a super moist BBQ brisket, green beans, and what might be my all-time my holiday favorite, creamy potato casserole.


I made some chocolate-dipped strawberries for dessert. They’re so easy and quick to make that I can’t believe I haven’t made these for desserts for more events: Melt a bag of semisweet chocolate chips in a bowl in the microwave in 30-second increments, stirring between, then dip the strawberries, lay them on a wax-paper-covered plate, and set in the refridgerator to set the chocolate.

My cousin’s prime rib take on the holiday meal was wonderful, as were all of the sides that accompanied it.


While celebrating with Corwin’s dad’s family, we kicked off the day with a delicious brunch of southwestern quiche (now I want to try to make a quiche with chorizo and black beans) made by Corwin’s cousin.

And here’s a closer look at that quiche. Yum.


The brunch held us up until it was time for the full meal cooked by Corwin’s cousin, aunt, and uncle.

All delicious. My personal favorite? The Jezebel sauce over the ham and turkey. I think this might be the first dish made with horseradish that I love. Perhaps it’s he mustard and sweet fruit flavors balancing out the horseradish that makes me love it.

It’s not the holidays without green bean casserole, so I was thrilled that we got to enjoy some while celebrating with Corwin’s mom’s family, in addition to a delicious spiral-cut ham and a refreshing fruit salad. Yum!

We concluded the holidays with one more friend get-together at Urban Crust, where the pizzas were tasty and the highlight of the meal was the bread and basil-tomato tapenade served when we arrived at the table. If they’d consider doing this, I think that next time I’ll ask whether that tapenade can be added to the margherita pizza as a sauce.




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