Food Goob Mini + Food Help

This announcement is a bit overdue: Our Food Goob Mini arrived (last year)! :)

In the first several weeks after he was born, we were doing good if we’d unloaded the dishwasher, so cooking was something we did infrequently at best. I ate a lot of almonds, trail mix, granola bars, and yogurt in those first few months. The best we did on preparing meals was usually some combination of fruit or veggies in a salad or some premade chicken salad.

(FYI brie in a fruit salad with watermelon and blueberries doesn’t taste as good as you’d think. Too salty. Fresh mozzarella in the salad is fantastic, though.)

We did make breakfast tacos once with ingredients we’d intended to use on the evening we went to the hospital and had to freeze instead.

So when friends and family and coworkers offered to make or buy meals to help out, we were incredibly grateful. 

For the takeout meals, I think we asked for Thai just about every time.  


The kolaches were also great.

And the homemade meals were just awesome.

And both of our birthdays might have also passed unnoticed during those first few months if it weren’t for the cakes and flowers.

Thank you to everyone who made those first few months a little bit easier and more enjoyable, whether through food, help, or conversation. You’re awesome.


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