Interesting Blogs and Sites

Looking for more to read? Here are a few good blogs and websites I’ve run across.

Travel/Experience Blogs

Bucket List Publications – Reading about Lesley’s bucket list accomplishments makes me want to dig out my bucket list and dust it off. And it makes me want to plan a trip. And try something new. It’s inspiring.

David Victor Leung – Kauai-based wedding and travel photographer with a wonderfully clean, crisp, vivid photography style. I love that David focuses on the local culture of his destinations. Every travel photo he posts makes me want to plan another trip.

Austin Bush Photography – Food exploration in Thailand. This blog blurs the lines between food blog and travel blog, but ultimately I decided to put it in the travel category.

Food Blogs

TheKitchn – Fantastic ideas for meal and baking ideas and how-tos in a very clean, easy-to-use website design.

All Things Cupcake – This blog is exactly what it sounds like. From traditional cupcakes with cute toppings to interesting savory cupcake ideas to cupcake news and just about anything else cupcake-inspired that you can imagine. Interesting stuff, assuming you like cupcakes.

Bakerella – Now a household name among baking blogs, Bakerella is a great source for creative baking ideas.

Baking Bites – A wealth of baking tips, ideas, and techniques.

Cake Nouveau – Cake shop with beautiful cake designs and delicious-looking cake flavors. I’ll check them out if I ever make it to Ann Arbor!

CakeSpy – Delicious baking experiments that inevitably make me want to bake something.

Cake Wrecks – Cakes gone wrong, and some amazingly beautiful and creative cakes.

CupcakeBlog – Index of delicious cupcake ideas and recipes.

I Heart Cuppycakes – Tons of unique cupcake recipes. I love the tiramisu cupcake recipe.

Lovin’ from the Oven – Delicious baking ideas, both sweet and savory.

Mr. Breakfast – The ultimate breakfast reference. In particular, I love the variety of variations on traditional breakfast foods, searchable and browsable with multiple types of categories to choose from. Did I mention that breakfast is my favorite meal? :)

Taste and Tell – Creative meal and baking ideas and lots of Pinterest-ready recipe photos.

The City Cook – Cooking ideas for city-dwellers short on kitchen space.


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