The Grove

This weekend was also beautiful weather for having dinner outside at The Grove. I realized recently that when asked for restaurant recommendations, while I do recommend restaurants with delicious food (that’s a given), the reasoning I offer for recommending places is more often the atmosphere. I love restaurants that have nice outdoor patios, and especially those who design their patios around gorgeous twisting oak trees.

The Grove is the perfect example of this. While they have excellent food and I wouldn’t choose to go there if they didn’t, the deck designed around a gorgeous oak tree is what draws me in. It’s beautiful in the hours before sunset, and after sunset the lights strung through the tree make it a beautiful evening spot.

A few of our meals included the New Mediterranean Pizza (the smallest size is medium, so expect to bring home leftovers if you don’t split it with someone)…

The Asian Crisp Salad…

And Grove’s Kobe Burger. All were delicious!


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